Skinny Girl in Transit S6E5 – “Start Again”

Tiwa stares at her reflection sad and pulls down a black curtain over the mirror.

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Shalewa is called by her mother to come downstairs for breakfast. Mothers knowing best, she begins to shower praises and compliments on her daughter Shalewa. After offering her some breakfast she refuses. Shalewa just wants to go to work. Her mother lets her know that she knows something is wrong and inquires. She suspects that is has something to do with Mohammad. Shalewa, trying to be strong lies and says that it’s work. And like a true Naija proper woman her mom calls for the anointing oil. Sunshine if you have ever lived with a prayer warrior you have received the anointing oil, holy water, and all manner of prayers as the Lord has directed. We see her next shopping with her friend. Confused, her friend begins to inquire about her well-being. She isn’t sure why Shalewa isn’t dealing with her emotions and just wants to make sure that she isn’t bottling up her feelings. And sure enough after the probing, Shalewa lets it out and begins to cry. She reminisces on all that she has endured in an effort to make the relationship work. Shalewa is comforted by her friend and they hug it out. At work she bumps into Mohammad. Useless, hopeless, senseless, Mohammad who apologizes and pleads. She refuses, is professional and civil and he is hurt by it.

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Mide is in the kitchen cooking. Sets the table and serves the food in preparation to enjoy a lovely meal with his wife. He has made all of Tiwa’s favorite. Tiwa is upset because he has mostly prepared carbs and she is trying to lose weight. He cooked because he noticed she hasn’t been eating. In an attempt to encourage her to eat just a little she becomes furious. She blames her body for the miscarriage. Mide disagrees. Tiwa asks him “Does society stop to ask the man questions?” He continues to plead with her to accept that is not her fault and it could never be. As he holds his wife she withdraws and walks away. We see Mide standing alone in the dining room feeling both confused and defeated. Next, at work he’s unable to focus. His colleague challenges him to be hopeful, wait, and expect brighter days ahead. At the doctor office Mide pleads with his wife Tiwa to allow him to help. He wants to hold her and support her. The doctor advises him to be patient and give Tiwa time.

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Tiwa is working out with her bestie. After the workout Didi asks if Tiwa is ready to talk. She let’s her know that she is there for her. She pleads with Tiwa to accept the strength, love, and support that is is being offered by her those around her. Soon the convo turns into a discussion about her current suitor. Didi feels the guy is boring and she can’t get past it. Tiwa encourages her to give love a chance and at least explore what could be before dismissing him completely. At the doctor with her husband, Tiwa confesses how she feels her weight contributed to the miscarriage. The doctor states it’s not the case. Stubbornly Tiwa argues and the doctor reemphasizes that weight has nothing to do with it. She goes on to share that it’s been 5 weeks and she still feels like a foreigner in her body. She is afraid that she may do something drastic. She also expresses concern for physical touch with her husband. She fears that it will lead to sex and then to another miscarriage. The doctor lets her know that sex is fine and couples are only asked to abstain for 2 weeks to prevent infection.

This episode mostly dealt with Shalewa and I was here for it. I could relate so much. I’ve been cheated on and it sucks. One just has to give time a moment to do it’s thing. The shopping was also so accurate for me. Retail Therapy always gets me through. It’s fleeting, but it helps. Being a full member of pepper dem gang I think it’s important not to let a useless, hopeless, senseless man see you emotional or broken. To me, there isn’t a benefit unless your married. Guess that is why I struggle so much with the way Tiwa is behaving. It makes sense and I want her to have space, but I can’t get with how much love and support she rejects. I mean even after the doctor told her weight didn’t contribute to the miscarriage, she still insisted because she googled it. Mind you this is a doctor, a trained professional. I hope in the next episode we see her start to come around. Looking forward to see how it all plays out.

Let Your Skinny Girl in Transit Light Shine!

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