Deep Heavy Sigh

The load keeps getting heavy and almost feels too much to bear. Before I can recover or even make peace of one tragedy, another occurs. Ugh! I have so many questions and little to no answers. My heart aches for those children, parents, families, everyone. Photo Credit: As an educator, I find it troubling [...]

Aaron Salter. Ruth Whitfield. Pearl Young. Celestine Chaney. Roberta A. Drury. Heyward Patterson. Margus D. Morrison. Andre Mackneil. Geraldine Talley. Katherine Massey.

Today's blog post was supposed to be about setting boundaries. I tried and TRIED to write and publish but the words wouldn't come. I didn't quite understand what was happening. Sincerely I thought it was writer's block. Then it came to me, I've been here before...this numbness and disengagement coupled with a calm like fatigue [...]