Wash your Hands, Social Distance, and Flatten the Curve

Coronavirus has really taken a toll on hundreds of thousands of people. Many have died and many have lived. Schools and businesses have closed and most are working from home or remotely. Sunshine, lemme be the 1st to say that I didn’t anticipate any of this. As somewhat of a socialite, traveler, and whatever else you call people who can’t be still; I’m struggling. There is so much information out there I’m struggling to make sense of it all. What applies to me? What do I really need to know?

The gist is this:

WASH your HANDS and sanitize them often. I used to be a healthcare worker so this isn’t a huge change for me. I will say I’m just more conscience. Now I sing either “Love on Top” chorus by Beyonce, “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” or “African Giant” by Burna Boy.

Stay Home! Limit your movement drastically. SOCIAL DISTANCE means increasing the distance between people physically to minimize or stop the spread of an illness. If you strongly feel the need to get out…the market is ok as it counts as an essential trip. You can also visit a fellow adult friend if none of you have been exposed and you are in an area with minimal cases. Emphasis on minimal! Know there is always risk and move accordingly.

Isolation tactics on a community level that keep the daily number of disease cases manageable for medical providers is essentially the meaning behind FLATTEN THE CURVE. The “curve” refers to an estimation of how many people will get COVID-19. They use this number to determine the capacity in which hospitals and health care workers can treat people. The higher it is the quicker people get infected and hospitals cannot accommodate everyone. The lower the curve the more doctors, nurses, and etc. are able to treat and serve those in need. Now, Sunshine, to FLATTEN the CURVE make sure to WASH your HANDS/sanitize, social distance, and self isolate. This has helped in the past. During the Spanish Flu in 1918 St. Louis was able to FLATTEN THE CURVE and they saw a dramatic decrease in deaths compared to other cities that chose not to implement strategies.

Lastly, let me say this…do what is best for you without putting anyone else at risk. I’ve seen so many article, posts, and etc about keeping a schedule, bonding with family, catching up on rest, and etc. For some, this may not be feasible. For others it might be just what they need. I honestly tried to do some of the things I saw and it was a fail. I’ve stayed up late watching Hulu, slept in til 3pm, had gummy bears for breakfast, ordered from Boohoo/Nordstrom Rack/Deciem, and texted an ex who is thoroughly useless. I have no regrets! I’m going to do what I want, when I want, how I want. That is that on that. This “coronocation” as some are calling, it has given me time with myself to do all of the things mentioned and more. All of it good or bad….I’m okay with.

Let Your Hand Washing, Social Distancing, Curve Flattening Light Shine!

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