Skinny Girl in Transit S6E6 – “Dinner is Served”

Shalewa confronts the handsome man standing in only his boxers. She is not sure where she is or who he is. He explains that from the club they came to his place, she requested more wine, and fell asleep before he could return. Thankfully, no sexual activity happened and Shalewa is comforted by the fact she is fully dressed. They exchange more words and she leaves.

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Tiwa is preparing for an interview with a woman who is struggling with her crying baby. She shares her frustration with motherhood and how the constant crying is overwhelming. She goes on to tell Tiwa how babies are overrated because of sleepless nights and not being able to hang out. In an effort to share she asks Tiwa if she has any kids and then tells her not to. Overwhelmed with emotion and reminded of her miscarriage Tiwa goes out to call her bestie Didi. Didi is on her way to a date and asks if it’s important. Tiwa says no and they agree to speak later. Then she eats a Snicker bar. We see her next catching up with her sister Shalewa talking about her relationship with Mide and how she blames herself for the pregnancy.

Property of NdaniTV

Shalewa is seen gisting with her friend Tito about the adventure that took place the other night. She is trying to understand how her friend allowed her to go home with a random stranger. Tito explains that she tried but Shalewa was too drunk to listen to reason. Next the topic of Mohammad comes up and Shalewa says she is coping by focusing all of her emotions on a promotion. She feels it is time for a change in her career and the distraction will help with her heartache. Next thing he walks up. Mohammad explains that he is not used to the casual way things are between them and he continues to plead his case. Shalewa responds with an emphasis on their new situation as colleagues and not lovers. Next we see her with her sis Tiwa catching up on life at home with their mom and how she is coping without Mohammad.

Sunshine, I’m not sure what to say. I just have questions. Why did Tiwa have a snicker bar? Where did it come from? Why didn’t she tell her bestie Didi she was having a rough moment? Why is Mohammad behaving this way? Words aren’t enough! He hasn’t shown one gesture in my opinion that shows he is truly sorry. Will he continue to corner her at work? Is it by force? Honestly, I am confused. Shalewa has endured all she can and all he does is talk and say sorry. It’s crazy because I believe in 2nd chances, I just don’t like him. I want Shalewa to be happy. I’m just not convinced that happiness will be found with him. We shall see…

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