I discuss books that I’ve read and why I think that you should read them too. Nothing too formal, just the highlights and how I feel.


Somehow we have convinced ourselves that if the act of service isn’t grand, it isn’t impactful. There are many ways to contribute and it all makes a difference. I also share advice and stories that have either helped and/or encouraged me.


I give my opinion on events I’ve attended, products I’ve tried, and things I’ve watched. This can be anything from a concert, tv show, makeup, and etc. I will give my honest opinion and let you know whether or not it is worth your coins.


Self care is so important. I have to be honest I’m not the best at it. I will share tips on how I try to put myself first and how you can too.


I’m always going somewhere…Seriously, I don’t know who is chasing me from my house. Please know wanderlust is real and once you get bit by the travel bug “DAS IT”. Take a trip with me as I spill all the tea on where I go and what I see.