Skinny Girl in Transit – S6E1 “Surprises”

Let me start off by saying this…If you have not watched Season 1-5, please do the needful. GO WATCH IT!

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The episode starts with Tiwalade (Abimbola Craig) running back and forth to the rest room vomiting.

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Tiwa & Mide are in the kitchen discussing her wellness journey. She hasn’t been feeling well and has gained some “happy weight”. Y’all know the kind, right? Well sunshine let me explain it. It’s like the “Freshman 15” but usually happens when you are in love or happily dating. Tiwa wants to get back into a routine and Mide would like to help her on her journey by burning more calories. Which he suggest is done by increasing their sexual activity. Does having sex burn calories? There is a link here that may be able to shed some light on the subject. Whether she agrees to that or not, we the audience aren’t sure. However, we do know that they agree to meet for lunch. During lunch they have an interaction with a family friend who suggests that Tiwa has a “glow”. The thought of this doesn’t excite her. You get the sense she is offended. After lunch Tiwa learns that her husband has made promoted her in the company without consulting her. Mide is happy as he thinks it is a wonderful surprise. Tiwa on the other hand is angry because she wan’t consulted. They argue and then mid dialogue…”Down Goes Frazier”, she passes out.

Property of Ndanitv

Mommy Tiwa NEVER disappoints and reminds me so much of my own mom, it is scary. We meet her doing what almost every 9ja mom has done. They sit on your bed and then give you strong taps to wake up. No matter how sweet that sleep is, it is finished! It’s almost obvious within the 1st few moments that Shalewa and Mommy Tiwa are both trying to navigate life without Tiwa in the house.

Shalewa has to deal with more attention from her mother. This includes proposed trips, aso ebi choices, business ventures, and whatever else Mommy Tiwa can think of. It’s clear she feels all the convos to be somewhat unnecessary and prefers when her mother was distracted by wedding planning. Nevertheless she engages and once done rushes down to meet the love of her life Muhammad who is downstairs waiting for her.

I can’t lie although I felt Season 5 ended well and gave us all the closure we needed, I’m glad there is a Season 6. I look forward to seeing how Tiwa and Mide navigate married life. Will they learn how to effectively communicate and stop making assumptions? I want to know what will happen between Shalewa and Muhammad. Can someone abandon their family for the person they love? I’m excited for Mommy Tiwa. Now that there is only one child in the house, will she start a business?

Let your Skinny Girl in Transit Light Shine!

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