Skinny Girl in Transit – S6E2 “One Way Ticket”

oh baby! Oh Baby! OH BABY!

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Tiwa and Mide are having a baby! You already know what that means…. I’m going to be an Aunty! lol… In the kitchen we see Mide lovingly feeding his wife a sample of the meal he has prepared. It seems Mide has decided to take on more responsibility now that his wife is pregnant. This includes cooking. Tiwa appreciates the gesture, but feels although she is pregnant she is still able and nothing has to change. This includes the amount of salt that is used to season food.

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Derin and Mide are shown at a restaurant catching up over a drink. Mide is struggling to tell his sis about Chris. He did some digging and found out Chris is getting married. He even has an engagement photo to prove it. When he shows it to Derin, she denies it. She even refuses to look at the photo. To accept that Chris is getting married is not something she is willing to acknowledge in the moment. Mide offers to show more evidence, and she refuses again. As her tears flow she attempts to call Chris. All in an effort to prove to herself and her bro that her relationship with Chris still exists. He declines her call as he has been doing for some time now. Next, we see her at a bar drinking alone attempting to call Chris yet again. He declines, again. As a result, she misses a meeting with sponsors at work, but arrives just in time to cause a scene. As she argues, yell, and insults, Mide and Tiwa hear and become concerned. Mide approaches Derin who is irate and drunk and escorts her outside. He attempts to talk to his sister to calm her down. And it is at this moment she realizes it’s over with Chris and he’s not coming back. He’s gone and she has to go to. Derin follows the advice of her brother and decides to take a trip to deal with her heartache. It is clear that Derin isn’t sure when will come back or if she will come back.

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Mohammad and Shalewa are saying their goodbyes as Mohammad prepares to travel for his cousins wedding. Shalewa wants to go with him, but it’s clear that is not a possibility. She questions him if it has to do with his family and like a true man he neither confirms or denies. Shalewa is disappointed she cannot attend with him and rightfully so.

Now a few things… I can’t figure out why Mide insists on telling women to calm down when they are upset. I can’t stand it when a guy says that to me. Is he okay?! Nevertheless I’m happy for him and Tiwa. People always say a baby changes everything and I hope we see changes for good. Which is different from what we saw with Derin. Her change involved some deception. I wasn’t a fan of her. Mostly because that girl was a nasty little thing. Even still, I can’t really say she deserved what happened. I will say I am not surprised. I’m also not a fan of taking a trip to get away from problems. Mostly because when you return, your problem is right there waiting for you at the door saying Welcome! I understand the need to get away, but I don’t think it will help her….shalewa Shalewa SHALEWA… How many times did I call your name? Baby girl the writing is on the wall. Reading is fundamental. This thing with Mohammad… it will end in tears my dear. Don’t get me wrong, I believe Mohammad really loves Shalewa and cares for her. However, family is FAMILY and I just don’t see him forsaking them for her. I’m looking forward to the next episode!

Let your Skinny Girl in Transit Light Shine!

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