The Photograph

I give this movie 2 Snaps and a Twirl!

I loved Loved LOVED this movie!

Alright, sunshine let me start by saying this…every movie isn’t going to be a “Love Jones”, “Brown Sugar” or “Love & Basketball”

The Photograph is about Mae (Issa Rae) an assistant museum curator who’s mother Christina (Chante Adams) recently passed away. As she opens a safety deposit box, left by her mom she finds 2 letters. She is instructed to read one and give the other to her father. The movie illustrates the life of Christian through the words on the pages and their implications for Mae’s life. Simultaneously, a writer by the name of Michael (Lakeith Stanfield) is doing an article on a man who was in love in with Christina. As a result, Michael and Mae meet and a romance ensues.
property of 2020 UNIVERSAL PICTURES

Personally, I appreciated the realistic depiction of two black people we will call M&M…Mae and Michael who have “good” (for lack of better words) jobs, as each others love interest. It was refreshing to see on the big screen that people can meet, be attracted, and date without assistance. There seems to be a push now for online dating and matchmaking. Although I’m not against either I have to be honest about my preference for meeting a significant other the old fashioned way.
property of 2020 UNIVERSAL PICTURES

Speaking of old fashioned…I also appreciated the ending. No one really knows the future. Sunshine, I feel that we have been conditioned to expect an ending to be either happy or sad. What happens if it is neither or a weird combination of both? Happy or sad isn’t always apparent. Sometimes there is satisfaction in just knowing that there is hope. Meaning, someone, or multiple people are willing to try and make a sincere effort. That’s good enough for me.

What else was good you say? I’m glad you asked. The soundtrack was everything! Between Patti Labelle and Lufah (Luther Vandross) I was here for all of it. Every song was a good fit and just took you to a place that felt warm and familiar. It was done so well. Another thing that was done well….the hair. I believe kinky straight clip ins, natural 4C press & curl, and curl sponges were used for the cast. I was beyond satisfied.

The black community hasn’t had many opportunities recently in film that didn’t include trauma, emotional documentaries, or heightened melancholy drama. This was a welcomed breath of fresh air

Let your The Photograph Light Shine!

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