We Buy Black

Have you heard of We Buy Black? If not, please get hip. They have a whole variety of products ranging for your pantry, home, bath, body, health, etc. We Buy Black is the largest e-marketplace for Black Owned Business. They’re a movement committed to see social and economical justice globally.

Here is how it works. You pick the bags size you want, shirts size, and your gender. Call me Goldilocks, cuz I wanted something just right. Nothing too big and nothing too small. I ended up choosing the medium bag for $50.00. They pick the products and ship them to you for free. That’s right shipping is $FREE.99

$50.00 Big Black Bag

The website states the following: Our goal is to not only help circulate the dollar within the Black community, but to also expose the world to the amazing products offered by our community. All businesses chosen to be a part of this initiative have made a commitment to continue to hire within the African American community and to support initiatives aimed at advancing our community as a whole.

Inside the $50.00 bag was edge control, no rinse tea tree shampoo, q tips, light bulbs, facial bar, and a cleansing bar. I really appreciate the selection of products. Six products for fifty bucks and free shipping seems pretty legit to me. They are all pretty practical items too. None of this will go to waste, which is a huge plus. I don’t know for sure, but I doubt every bag is the same. I say this so you don’t purchase one and have an expectation that you will receive the same items. Overall, I’m satisfied!

There’s a different feeling you get when you support black people financially. I cannot stress enough the importance of giving black owned businesses a chance. Sunshine it is essential for us to become more mindful of how we spend our coin. There is so much influence and power in the dollar. The money spent at a black business is recycled back into the black community. Right now, more than ever, we really need us to help us. With more unity, we could really use practices such as this to influence culture and politics. I believe that wholeheartedly. Something to think about, but if you decide to do act…..you know where to start.

Let Your We Buy Black Light Shine!

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