Wonders Shall NEVER End

The world is slowly opening back up. I was happy when I learned that Wonderspaces is ready for the public again with COVID-19 precautions in full effect. What is Wonderspaces? I’m glad you asked. My best description… it is an interactive art gallery with pieces you can immerse yourself in and some you can even touch. STRONG emphasis on “some” as there are pieces you can only look at with your eyes. There are 3 locations found in Scottsdale, Austin, and Philadelphia. My sister and I went to the Philadelphia location and had a ball. You can purchase tix here. Although there are a few descriptions below, I purposefully left some things out so that you can explore and experience it for yourself.

DINNER PARTY was my 1st stop. You walk up and see a table complete with plastic food and plates. It looks almost like a thanksgiving meal. Created by Charlotte Stoudt and Laura Wexler, Dinner Party is a virtual reality film based on the 1st known UFO abduction. It takes place in the 60s and is a pretty interesting story. You are watching it as if you are there at the table and then again during the UFO experience. Yet, you are also removed from it. A spectator and participant all in one.

Charlotte Stoudt, Laura Wexler, Angel Soto, Skybound, Ryot & Telexist

BLACK BALLOONS…I’m sure it’s hard for you to understand how this art got named. The simplicity of this exhibit I really Really REALLY liked. What I couldn’t really get with is not being able to walk in between or through it. The artist, Tadao likes to use everyday objects and basic concepts and reimagine them in new ways to us. I would totally agree that is exactly what he did here with these balloons.

Next was SUBMERGENCE by Squidsoup a group of various people. They have artists, researchers, technologists, and designers. Their art is interactive and digital, made to create unique experiences. There are 8,064 individual points of light that you can immerse yourself in or walkthrough that change color and pulse to music that I can only describe as slow techno.

The SWEET SPOT by Shawn Causey and Mark Daniell is 19 miles of multicolor nylon string strung 12 feet high. As you move and look at various aspects the eyes create several sweet spots.

Like I said earlier, these were just a few of the exhibits. All of my faves aren’t pictured here or even described. If you are in the Philadelphia, Scottsdale, or Austin area…check it out.

Let Your Wonderspaces Light Shine!

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