Maybe Lucky Number 7

July 13, 2019 the Black Lives Matter movement celebrated 6 years of activism and their fight for liberation.


As we approach their 7th year of existence it seems more apparent than ever that there is still much work to do. I’m reminded of the significance of the number 7 and it’s influence.

  • Number of perfection and completeness
  • Most people can only keep roughly seven items of information in their short term memory
  • Phone numbers have seven digits
  • Suggests exoneration and healing
  • Fulfillment of promises and oaths
  • Days of the week
  • Represents winning in casino games

Yet 7 years later, and there are still hashtags, protests, riots, etc all in effort to get people to understand that Black Lives Matter.

SOURCE: @zaynscandycane (Twitter)

Personally, Sunshine I had to unplug Thursday. I purposefully didn’t watch any news and stayed off of social media. My mental health was taking a big hit and I knew where it was all going. I found myself desperately wanting a hug. I wanted to tell every black man in my life I love them and that their life has value. I wanted to cry. I wanted to protest. I wanted to sign a petition. I wanted to pray. I wanted to curse people out. I wanted to sleep. I wanted to work out. I wanted to throw my phone. I wanted to post an inspirational quote. I wanted to watch a stand-up comedy and laugh. I wanted to shop. I wanted to look into relocation. I wanted to ask questions. I wanted answers. I wanted to eat. I wanted to drink. I wanted to dance. I wanted to rest. But, most importantly I wanted and still want black people to live in this country free of fear, discrimination, oppression, or death because of the color of their skin.

Yesterday, I took things in slowly to become more informed on current events. I wasn’t really ready to face it all, however I found the courage to plug back in. The more I saw the more I struggled to reconcile what being Black in America means. Every tweet, post, video, image, etc. absorbed into me as reminders of who I am to group of people because of the color of my skin. Back and forth my thoughts and emotions became a tempest of confusion and conflict. I couldn’t cope. Everything I wanted and still want for Black people in America seems possible and simple at the moment, but so unattainable. Between conversations with friends and family, I tried to find a safe space to release my thoughts and emotions. Everything fell short. I repeatedly kept saying how wild all of this is. As things develop, I have to be honest, I’m not hopeful. My faith in the systems and institutions to do the needful and bring justice to those who have lost their lives is a fraction of that of a muster seed.


With the clocking ticking less than 50 days, I wholeheartedly want July 13, 2020 to bring about major significance in the movement. Maybe, just maybe the 7th year of its existence will serve as the year Black people obtained perfect justice, completion of healing, peace, and fulfilled promises. Before, during, and until then…

Let Your Black Lives Matter Light Shine!

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