Queen of the Castle Island

Castle Island located in Boston is home to Pleasure Bay Beach. Let me tell you I was there during the heat wave and getting in that water was all the pleasure my body needed. For those who don’t know Boston is basically the “South” of the “North”. It does not cool down in the evening. At 11:00pm it is still hot and muggy. Eeeew.

I drove from philly and it was about 6 hours because I stopped twice. They most annoying part was driving through NY. OMG the traffic and the $15.00 toll had me very annoyed. But few tolls and hours later. I arrived in Boston ready to sight and see.

Just my luck I was there doing the heat wave. After the 2nd day of the heat wave I needed to be in some water on some beach. Pleasure Bay was nice I cannot lie. I went on a sunday afternoon. Parking was free and there was space. The water is brrrr cold. I think on any other day I would not have appreciated but like I said the heat wave had me in the water heavy. The sand is average but as you approach the water gets rocky. If you have swim shoes bring them and wear them. There are lifeguards so if your can’t swim someone is there to save you. I didn’t experience waves or anything, leave the boogey board at home. 2 options for food. one is right there near the shore and the other is a little further.

Sullivan’s seemed to be the favorite for drinks and food. Lemme tell you those onion rings Bay Bee were all that and and then some. The crab cake sandwich was average and the fries were ok. I could appreciate how hot the food was.

Honestly, I can’t lie I would def do Boston again.

Let Your Castle Island Light Shine!

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