You so Crazy

So here it goes…I’m going to say it. The word most of us dread and honestly try to avoid. THERAPY

Just saying it puts me in a mindset of “ugh”. 

I’ve been to therapy and honestly it was the best thing that has ever happened to me. I was at a point in my life where all seemed to be going the opposite of what I wanted. I found myself sobbing to sleep only to awaken annoyed and frustrated. One day it all got too much and I realized that this was it. In that moment I knew I needed professional help. I could not cope with what was happening. Every disappointment was a knock down and I could not find the strength or the energy to get up. Two google searches and one health insurance reference and I was on my way. 

Let me say this…there wasn’t a couch, plants, or sounds of the ocean. I was annoyed. I asked the therapist if I could make myself more comfortable. His response, “How?” Well, I want to put my feet up and slouch in my chair a bit. All of this feels a little too formal. My therapist was not having it. 

The session began and I talked and Talked and TALKED. I was just vomiting information, feelings, and all manner of words. At some point I found myself saying, “I have a headache”. Therapist then asked me, “When did the headache start?” I told him a few minutes ago. He brought attention to what we were discussing at the time my headache began. From there, he asked me to say how I felt about that topic. I started telling him and before I got far he said those aren’t feelings/emotions. 

10 Basic Emotions/Feelings:











Once presented with emotions and feelings I was able to identify how I felt. It was tough, really tough. The therapist then asked me how my headache was. It was like magic, my headache was gone. I could not believe it! I used to suffer from chronic headaches and/or migraines. I would take meds, but the pain would always return. Now I knew what to do. As soon as the pain came I would stop, quiet myself, and identify my feelings. Therapy has changed my life for the better and I am a huge advocate. Try it for yourself. 

Let Your Mental Health/Therapy Light Shine!

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