Give Me da Rock

In basketball, the ball is often called the “rock” among people of color. It’s not uncommon to hear someone say, “Pass the rock”, “Hey yo give me the rock”, or “Check rock”.

Photo Credit: NCAA

As Women’s History month comes to an end, I thought it best to highlight the women in basketball. More specifically, the women in college basketball. What better way to do that than to discuss March Madness. Typically, the men are the highlight. However, over here at Raise Your Light, we are all about the women.

What is March Madness? Well, Sunshine, I am glad you asked. March Madness is a tournament in college basketball where many teams compete for the championship. Over 50 teams participate in an elimination-style competition. It narrows down to the sweet sixteen, the elite 8, and then the final four. I won’t get into all the logistics as to why the women’s March Madness is in the media this year more than usual. At this point, if you know, you know. In my opinion, those who don’t know are choosing not to at this point.

Photo Credit: NCAA

As a result, I’m rooting for anyone and everyone Black. I’m not even going to attempt to deceive you.

Let Your March Madness Light Shine!

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