Reparations 2 Repair 2 Reconcile 2 Restore the LOVE

Photo Credit: Vanessapla from Pixabay

Not that you need me to tell you this, but it is Black History Month. I know a lot of Black History. As an adolescent I participated in a competition for years called Black Saga. I remember being exposed to and learning so many facts that weren’t widely discussed. Fast forward to present day and I’m still learning. I had no idea that there was a holiday called Black Love Day. Did you? No? Well let me tell you all about it Sunshine.

It all started in 1993 when Ayo Handy-Kendi was taking a bus ride home after seeing a film about Malcolm X . It was the murder scene that especially struck her. Him being gunned down by other Black people didn’t sit well with her and she decided to do something about it. From there, Black Love Day was born. It is the 3rd nationally commemorated African-American holiday. Get this, 2023 is the year the holiday celebrates it’s 30th anniversary! If you’re similar to me, your a bit curious now. It may just seem like an alternative to Valentine’s Day; something that was created for Black people by a Black person. Well, in an interview with the Daily Dot, Handy-Kendi had the following to say for those who are unsure of what it is or wat to do.

We encourage people on this day to do something very simple—just demonstrate love for 24 hours, and celebrate and atone, offer forgiveness to ourselves and to others, and to accept the very important tenets—what we call the five black love tenets.
Photo Credit: Mart Production from Pexels


  • Toward the Creator
  • for Self
  • for Family
  • Within the Black Community
  • for Black People
Photo Credit: nappy from Pexels

Now that you know the how, here is the when. Black Love Day is celebrated annually on February 13. Now chances ae you are more than likely seeing this after February 13, just know it’s ok. The overall goal is to incorporate one or all of the tenets everyday. If you’re looking to be more intentional, you can still make plans to celebrate next year. It’s important because it spreads love, opposes racism, and it stands against violence. You’re in good company, trust me. Since 1993, Black Love Day has turned into countless events, including a festival. Whatever you do, whenever you do it, however you do it, whomever you do it with, and wherever you do it just remember to….

Let Your Black Love Light Shine!

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