3 da Hard Way


We made it…welcome to year three. I thought year one was challenging. The terrible two’s sure did live up to their name. It was hard. Let me tell you RIGHT now that I’m beyond ready to welcome the terrific three’s. This past year was the most challenging so far in this blogging journey. There were few times I wondered if I should even continue. I questioned myself often.

This was the year I actually considered quitting. I wanted to give up. I felt as though my blog wasn’t as good as others, no one really read it, and it wasn’t worth the effort anymore. However, there’s something about quitting that doesn’t sit well with me. I also began to question the purpose. If this blog never gets “BIG”, but it helps 1, 2, or 3 people is that ok? If it helps me alone is that enough? Do I count? Does quantity matter to me or quality? It took a while sunshine, I cannot lie. I struggled. As a result, blogs were late, posts barely made Instagram, and I had ZERO motivation.

Did I deceive myself?! The answer to that question sunshine, is a loud, resounding no. Raise Your Light is a lifestyle blog for those like and unlike me. I have to trust and believe that every post, blog, tweet has meaning. I may NEVER know or see the fruits of my efforts. It’s tough, but I have to be okay with that. So far now, I just sow the seeds.

From the bottom of my heart I want to extend a sincere thank you that’s full of appreciation and gratitude for everyone who shared, liked, read, commented, or supported me and this space.

Let Your Light Shine!

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