Heart and Sole

Growing up with immigrant parents was AMAZING! I loved my childhood and had little to no complaints. If there was anything lacking it was more than likely my “wants” and not necessarily my “needs”. As an adult I’ve been able to rectify some of those “wants” into “haves”

One thing I felt left out of as a kid was having dope sneakers. I never owned a pair of Jordan’s or any other cool sneakers my peers had. Fast forward, and I’ve become somewhat of a sneaker head. I use that title “sneaker head” loosely as I’m very Very VERY new to this.

According to Delisia Matthews for me to qualify as a sneaker head or a sneaker enthusiast, I would have to be close to the following:

Someone who is a sneaker enthusiast knows everything there is to know about sneakers, not jus the actual aesthetic of them but the historical significance of sneakers. They’re a member of the culture and understand that being a sneakerhead is a lifestyle.

I can’t say I subscribe to the above, but I’m still learning. Part of that learning is vocabulary. If you’re new too, here are some words to get acclimated with.

Photo Credit: https://features.dailybruin.com/2021/sneakerheads/

It’s crazy the history and connections that can be made to sneakers. Although I’m not quite an enthusiast, I will say there are some meaningful for me. For example, the Space Jams. Let me explain…the Space Jams is the nickname for a pair of sneakers that Michael Jordan wore in the movie Space Jam. I love how simple that is.

Photo Credit: Space Jam (Warner Bros 1996)

Now, Sunshine, I don’t have a pair of these sneakers. In fact, they’re really hard to get and the resale value is ridiculous. However, I remember watching space jam as a kid. I loved that movie. What am I saying? It’s a movie that I love presently, and will watch in a heartbeat. Don’t get me started on the soundtrack. I can’t even remember the last time a movie had me jamming from beginning to end. This is just an example about how sneakers can have an impact that isn’t just housed in fashion.

Whether sneakers have a more trivial or meaningful connection for you , how one acquires them may not be so simple. There are various ways to get sneakers. Some stand in lines for hours, some enter raffles, some try online, and others just get what’s available in store. I typically enter a raffle online. It’s jus the easiest for me. The ones who do the previously mentioned and more typically collect sneakers or resell them for profit. I won’t lie, I have purchased certain pairs with the intent to resell and make money. However, I’m not a collector by any means. I buy what I like and I have less than a dozen pairs. Trust me, I’m okay with that.

Let Your Dope Kicks Light Shine!

One thought on “Heart and Sole

  1. So I got blessed with a big bro who looked out and got me my first pair. Then I was spoiled so I use to cry to my dad and he Would buy for me lol my parents were African tooo lol


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