Tell Em How You Really Feel

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My beloved Sunshine, can we talk? Can we really talk for a minute? Don’t mind me, I’m in my Tevin Campbell bag, but I digress. Ever since the pandemic, I’ve taken some hits in regards to my wellness journey. I’m still in therapy and I’m still praying. If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I’m a huge advocate of therapy. If you’re new here, welcome. All will be well, I have hope.

There were/are moments, plenty of them in fact where hopelessness crept in. It’s been hard. I’m someone who often struggles to fully articulate their thoughts and feelings, A friend of mine suggested the How We Feel app to me. It’s been a HUGE gamechanger for my friends and I. What is the How We Feel app? Well, Sunshine, I’m glad you asked. According to them, it’s a wellness journal that helps you identify, track, and regulate your emotions.

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Here is the gist…

You sign up for the app and then you “check in” by tapping the ‘plus sign’ in the middle of the screen. Once you do that, four options pop up. They are high energy unpleasant, high energy pleasant, low energy unpleasant, and low energy pleasant. Tap one that best describes how you feel. From there, plenty of emotions will appear on the screen. Select one and read the definition. If it fits hit the arrow and continue. If not, keep looking, something will resonate, trust me. Once complete the next screen will give you an option to add a note, photo, voice note, location, activity, exercise, etc. If something you need isn’t there, you can edit and add your own. From there, hit save. Here is where it gets interesting, depending on how open you are. There are lessons and strategies you can watch to help regulate and/or navigate the emotion. Additionally, you have the option to share with friends or not. Simple!

I know technically this app is described as a wellness journal, but to my friends and I, it’s that and so much more.

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To me, it’s an app that has taught me about emotions. It’s helped me to identify myself as an “emotional judge” and the implications that come with that. What’s an emotional judge? Well Sunshine, aren’t you full of questions today. I got you. An emotional judge is someone who criticizes their feelings and doesn’t typically explore them. In fact, they tend to believe that there is a right/wrong way to feel about things. It gives very much judgy and not loving. This will often manifest itself in a variety of ways, but I’m learning what’s better and what’s best.

To my married friends, it’s a tool that has helped foster effective communication and help resolve some conflicts in their relationship. To my single friends, it’s a form of accountability. They are able to hold themselves to a standard by reflecting often and being open, honest, and transparent with the ones they deeply care about. There are moments when they didn’t want to share with their friends what they were feeling, but they decided to push through it. Everyone agreed that even if they didn’t want to talk about how they’re feeling they recognize the value in sharing and their loved ones knowing.

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Check it out if you’re open and willing. If you’re not open and willing, check it out anyway.

Let Your How We Feel Light Shine!

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