Beach Roadtrip Weekend

Machel Montano Performing

BRT weekend just passed and honestly, Sunshine, I had a ball. What is BRT weekend? Well, Sunshine, I’m glad you asked. Simply put, it’s a 3 day soca Caribbean festival on the beach. Their Instagram page can be found here. Now you know I’m going to give you the real. It was beyond fun! Friday evening was Maui Wowi themed coupled with a bonfire and Kes the Band performance. Dress code was floral and Hawaiian print. For the most part everyone participated, it was nice. Kes the Band is my all time fave. They can do no wrong in my eyes. I loved every bit of their show. BRT on the other hand, disappointed me thoroughly. The lines for food and drink were outrageous. I’m sure it was well over 2 hours as options were limited. When I asked people how the food was and if it was worth the wait, the response wasn’t favorable. I’m so glad I was able to wait until I got home. Luckily I wasn’t hungry or thirsty. Additionally, there was no bonfire. I’m not sure what happened. When I asked, of course, no one knew why it didn’t happen.

Machel Montano Performing
BRT Stage

Saturday was glow eruption themed coupled with glowsticks and performances by Machel Montano (day) with Ding Dong and Spice (night). After the fiasco the night before, I knew to take my time arriving. I also planned to leave the venue at some point, have some beach time, eat, and drink. When I arrived Machel was already performing. He had a lot of energy and really did all of his hits. I was late so I missed my all time fave of his, Bottle of Rum, but he sang plenty of others. Once he left the stage, I left the venue. It was so hot I had to get in the ocean right away. I also just needed a break from all the people. I got some food and relaxed to the sound of the waves and enjoyed the water on my skin. When it was time for Ding Dong and Spice to perform, I headed back. Upon reentering, they gave out glow sticks and rings. We were now ready for the show. Both performances were good, I can’t lie. I was just exhausted by this time. Little did I know there was a pleasant surprise that would give us a boost of energy….fireworks. I love Love LOVE fireworks. It was the perfect ending for me.

I only did Friday and Saturday. I knew I wasn’t going to miss church on Sunday and wasn’t interested in the festivities on that day anyway.

Be mindful of a few things though. There isn’t a set list with times. You don’t know when performers are coming out. You can leave and exit at your leisure which I highly recommend. It was hot Hot HOT. BRT weekend takes place in the summer. If you know you’re a little older and can’t really hang, this is NOT the time to gbam gbam or chill with the big boys. I barely made it through. It’s literally on a beach. You will be walking and dancing on sand. Don’t be that person who passes out because you haven’t eaten or drunk any water. If the line is too long, leave and go on the boardwalk. Vendors on the boardwalk have food, drinks, etc. for way cheaper than inside the venue.

All and all if you’ve never done BRT weekend, I think it’s something to give a try. I have no regrets.

Let Your BRT weekend light shine!

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