There Can Only Be One

Now before I start I wanna to say I give this book 2 snaps. There isn’t a pivot or a twirl.

Now usually I don’t judge a book by its cover or title. I assume there’s more. However, when I saw this title I figured and/or thought what you’re probably thinking right now. I assumed there was a marriage of some sorts struggling with infidelity. My other thought was the book is about a man married to two wives who are in conflict with each other. No matter what you guess, I can confirm the title is a dead giveaway.

Let me not lie to you, this book is NOT a page turner, BUT it’s worth a read!

The main character is Afi, a Ghanaian woman who dreams of becoming a seamstress. She lives in a small town but has big aspirations to own a store where celebrities and those of the like wear her designs. She is ‘chosen’ by an affluent family to be the wife of Elikem. Now Elikem is something else. I’m not even sure how to describe him. Afi would’ve said in the beginning of their marriage that he is the man of her dreams, everything she could’ve asked for. Later on as you read, you get a firsthand glimpse into how her view of him and feelings toward him change. There’s a part of me that can see both sides; his and hers. Despite this, I can’t say for sure what the solution is. I won’t spoil the ending as I think it’s a good one. I will say that I’m pleased with it.

Let Your Only Wife Light Shine!

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