Deep Heavy Sigh

The load keeps getting heavy and almost feels too much to bear. Before I can recover or even make peace of one tragedy, another occurs. Ugh! I have so many questions and little to no answers. My heart aches for those children, parents, families, everyone.

As an educator, I find it troubling how easy these things can occur and how it’s business as usual the next day. In all my years of education, I may have experienced ONE “active shooter” training. I don’t even want to get into how it went or what was said. I typically work in alternative education. This often means resources and supports are lacking. Most doors don’t have locks and there isn’t a single inch of any building I’ve worked or volunteered that is bullet proof. According to Public Citizen, May 24th was the 144th day of 2022, and the mass shooting that took place at Robb Elementary School was the 212th mass shooting of 2022.


That’s how many mass shooting have taken place. The number is staggering and sobering. I’m not safe in a grocery store and I’m not safe at work.

I don’t have the answers and honestly I’m not sure what to say. I have a suggestions on where to start.


Be mindful of what you choose to engage. This includes things like social media, tv, music, etc. If it’s impacting you, choose yourself instead.


Be intentional about spending time with friends/family, therapist, religious leader, etc.


Be in your feelings. It is allowed. The news lately has been unusually depressing and tragic. Don’t hide your feelings or pretend like everything is okay. Give in, it’s healthy


Grief isn’t linear. Although, you may feel strange feeling sadness and sympathy for someone or something that doesn’t immediately impact you, it’s not uncommon. You are human.

All in all I ask that you be kind to yourself. Don’t dim because we live in a crazy, broken world. Spread all the love, joy, peace, and kindness you can. We need each other more than ever theses days.

Let Your Light Shine!

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