Break a Leg!

Sunshine! One of my favorites things to do is to go to the theatre. The pandemic robbed me of one of my loves and I was all but too excited to link up with my bae (theatre) again. It was 1st play since all of the shutdowns and I was a bit nervous. My bestie got tickets, 2nd row, center. Now this was my 1st time at the Suzanne Roberts Theatre. I probably should’ve looked that up too, but I didn’t it. We were in there! That was all that mattered.

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Me being me, I had no idea what the play was about it. It didn’t matter. Honestly, I didn’t care. There’s a theme happening here about my little to no research…lol

I was just happy it was happening finally. I was gonna be given a booklet, ushered to my seat, and the lights would dim.

Let me introduce to you…Choir Boy!

Choir Boy is a coming of age play about a 5 boys at a prep school named Charles R. Drew who struggle with identity and acceptance while having a passion for singing. The central character is best described as an outwardly expressive young man who does not speak about or willingly admit his sexuality. As choir lead he struggles to navigate the nuances of the members of his group as they grapple with him in his entirety.

Honestly, Sunshine, it’s hard to say more about the play without going into detail and giving so much away. Just know there is some nudity and it may not be appropriate for younger audiences.

*deep heavy sigh*

I want to shift gears here a bit and talk about the songs and singing. This play was full of Black music that speaks to us and makes us feel at home. Although, mostly Negro Spirituals, there were 2 songs sung that would bring back fond memories for most in the Black community. Sunshine, they even sang a New Edition song. Now you know, I love New Edition! I recently went to their concert and wrote about it here in this blog. I am a HUGE fan. Now back to choir boy…

Photo Credit: Wide Eyed Studios

These 5 young men did their thang and more! Do you here me?! Unfortunately, this play is no longer running in my area. However, if it comes to a town near you and you have the opportunity to see it….GO!

Let Your Theatre Light Shine!

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