Let it Snow!

There are 2 and I mean ONLY two things I hate about snow. I hate driving in it and I hate shoveling it. Other than that I welcome it all. Nothing and I mean NOTHING excites me more that a snow day. I love going to the market and not finding anything left because people overreacted as usual. I love opening the door and feeling that brisk air to see if the snow is sticking and how much has come down so far.

I love hot cocoa or tea depending on my mood. I love waking up and not getting dressed but changing out of one pair of PJs into another. I love making a breakfast/lunch combo meal. If I’m lucky, there will be a Law & Order marathon on tv with THEE Benson AND Stabler. I also love how others enjoy the day. My heart smiles at kids making snow angels and couples sledding. No complaints over here. No matter if you love the snow or hate just 2 things about it like me, hopefully, we can agree it is at least very nice to look at.

Let Your Snow Day Light Shine!

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