I Beez in the Trap, Beez, Beez in the Trap

I recently went to Trap Karaoke and let me tell you it did NOT disappoint.

Let’s get to business….

Here’s what you need to know. Sign ups to sing/rap go live online the day of the show and fill up FAST. Arriving was smooth and the line moved quickly. That was nice seeing how it’s winter time on the East coast. There was a coat check but it was $4.00 cash only. There’s a bar and it served both drinks and food.

Once inside the DJ was spinning all the hits. It was such a vibe. About an hour in the host came out and the party really got started. First thing up was the dance challenge. Use your imagination BUT don’t get it twisted it really was just a bunch of girls twerkin and having a good time. After that they went through the rules. It was known that if you choose to break anyone of them by disrespecting anyone they will put you out. I struggle with feeling safe often in public and appreciated how they went out of the way to let you know. Have fun, you’re taken care of. Then the performances started. People got on stage and sang, rapped, and danced. Guess what?! I sang, rapped, and danced right along with them.

The highlights for me were the perfectly placed memes projected on the background screen of the performers. I also appreciated how they honored all the recently slain celebrities. It was touching. Lastly, I loved the inspirational message at the end. Trap Karaoke really took us to church. As a Christian, I welcome any opportunity to connect with those in the faith.

I won’t give too much away because honestly, you gotta experience it for yourself. Lucky for you they have a $FREE.99 version called “Lit in the Living Room” that’s taking place next month. You can register HERE and experience Trap Karaoke right in the comfort of your own home.

Photo Credit: Trap Karaoke

Let Your Trap Karaoke Light Shine!

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