Dope Kicks for a Good Cause

Image Credit: Change Our Future Foundation

Art & Sole was the inaugural fundraise event by Change Our Future that took place last week. It was a Sneaker Ball fundraiser gala that also served to collect toys and sneakers for those in need. In their own words “fashion met philanthropy” and we all met to “party for a purpose”.

I cannot lie Sunshine…I had a great time, an Amazing time! Now I’m not balling by any means and I wouldn’t consider myself a philanthropist BUT giving back especially to children is something I love to do. There are many non profits, foundations, charities, etc. out there. This one may be my new fave. I can appreciate the focus on children and families who look like me. If you picking up what I’m putting down.

So what exactly is the Change Our Future Foundation and who runs it? Well, Sunshine, I’m glad you asked. Change Our Future Foundation’s mission is to empower people through education, advocacy, and awareness in the areas of youth development, healthy lifestyles, and community enrichment. Their passion is to collaboratively eliminate barriers seen in healthcare, education, and civic engagement by advancing programs, opportunities and resources that give youth, families, and communities a path toward a healthy and hopeful future. Sounds good to me, I’m sold!

Image Credit: Change Our Future Foundation

The founders are Rodney and Erika Mcleod. Now I don’t know much about them besides what is on the website and that Rodney is a football player. What I will say is based on the small interaction I had with them at the Sneaker Ball, they’re pretty nice. Both of them were welcoming, friendly, and approachable.

Now on to the actual event….

To be honest, I was a bit intimidated about my donations. I played it safe and stuck with Uno and Phase 10. I didn’t even bother to bring sneakers. i thought to myself, what could I possibly contribute in comparison to all of these athletes and affluent people. Boy was I was wrong. It wasn’t even that type of vibe! Everyone was nice, humble, and approachable. We all did the wobble together! Now I have to be honest, I also don’t know a lot of athletes, or who is who, so there’s that. I’m also not the type to be star struck. Next year I’m going to plan better. Hopefully, I can get friends and family to join and donate toys and dope kicks as well.

Tis the season y’all. There are many ways to support, give back, and donate to those in need. Find what works best for you. Whatever you decide…

Let Your Art & Sole Light Shine!

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