It takes 2!

On October 12, 2019 I launched Raise Your Light. My little blog that could, emphasis on little. I’m not ashamed of small/humble beginnings though. Mostly, because the only way is UP from here, I realize that now. It makes me nervous to be honest at times when I think about it. There are things I would like to begin to implement this year. More on that later below…

If you are new here….Welcome Sunshine!

My name is Rachelle Lee and I’m the blogger behind this here lifestyle blog. Wanna know a little more? Click here for a brief bio.

Back to the blog…

This lifestyle blog has 5 categories…

  • Read
  • Reach
  • Review
  • Roam
  • Recharge

Read – books and articles, Reach – personal stories/advice and acts of charity/kindness, Review- my personal opinion on products, shows, and events, Roam – places I travel, Recharge – my practices for self-care and mindfulness.

When I started blogging, I wasn’t sure what I would do or who I wanted to be. Everything was kind of low stakes and seemed just okay. I didn’t want anything stressful or too time consuming. Now I’m rethinking that. I have a vision for Raise Your Light and with each year I make a little change here and little change there. Before I know it it will be Bigger & Better than ever. As a result, this year I’m implementing something new….


Introducing the latest ‘R’ in town….Retail

The Retail page will be located under the SHOP menu. It will be a place for all my affiliations and coupon codes. Shop where I shop, wear what I wear, and save a coin in the process. Let me be clear when you use my discount code Sunshine, I do get a percentage. I want to be upfront and honest about that so you know. Listen you get a discount and I get broken off a teeny tiny piece. It’s a Win-Win. These are products that I own and use. I stand by it all.

That’s all folks!

Thanks for rocking with me for 2 years. Thanks for being my Sunshine. Thanks for every like, post, and comment. I appreciate more than you could ever know.

To my personal blog, my passion project, my heart in digital form…Happy Anniversary!

Let Your Light Shine!

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