Naija No Dey Carry Last

Nigeria gained its independence from the British Empire on October 1, 1960. I know it’s crazy. That really wasn’t a long time ago. I mean think about it. Most of us know someone who is over 61 years old. It legit blows my mind sometimes.

Every year Nigerians across the world mark the day with celebrations. These include but are not limited to festivals, parties, and parades. There is a huge one held in NYC every year that is full of vendors, performance, and all manner of activities.

Photo Credit: NYC Nigerian Independence Parade

In case you aren’t Nigerian (I won’t hold it against you) here are some fun facts:

  • Over 500 languages are spoken
  • Most populous contra in Africa
  • Nigerians love telling people their Nigerian
  • Home to the richest man in Africa (Aliko Dangote worth over 10 billion dollars)
  • Name Nigeria is derived from Niger (longest river in West Africa)
  • Twin capital of the world
  • Currency is called Naira

There’s a saying “naija no dey carry last” that we use often. It means that we come in 1st place and there isn’t anyone who is our equal. It’s pretty arrogant I will admit. I can’t deny the confidence this statement has helped me build over the years. Nigerian or not, get out there tomorrow and celebrate. Support a Nigerian artist, designer, craftsman, or tailor. You can find a local African restaurant and try some local dishes. Maybe, you just want to do a google search and learn more about the country. If none of these tickle your fancy, Netflix it up. There are tons of Nigerian (Nollywood) movies to choose from. Whatever you decide, have fun, be safe, and show/give love.

Let Your Nigerian Light Shine!

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