The Girl with the Louding Voice

God has given you all you need to be great, and it sits right there inside of you. […] Right inside your mind, in your heart. You believe, I know you do. You just need to hold on to that belief and never let go. When you get up every day, I want you to remind yourself that tomorrow will be better than today. That you are a person of value. That you are important. You must believe this…

Credit: Abi Dare

Have you ever read words that you felt like were written for you and with you in mind. The quote above did that for me and more.

This novel deserves 2 snaps and a twirl.

The Girl with the Louding Voice is a novel that is told from the main character, Adunni’s point of view. Adunni is a 14 going on 15 year old girl who is forced into marriage in order to care for her family. Her mother passed away at a young age and the marriage will help feed her father and 2 brothers. The husband she marries Mirufu is a horrible man who already has two wives Labike and Kadijah. Khadijah is kind to Adunni and Labike is very wicked. In an effort to please their husband Mirufu, Khadijah does something desperate that leads to tragedy. As Adunni tries her best to help Khadijah, all efforts prove to be in vain. Adunni runs away from her hometown and unwanted husband in search of help. She finds herself at the mercy of a man who promises to help her relocate and give her work. From one unfortunate situation to another Adunni now finds herself the maid to another wicked woman. This one is worse than Labike. Adunni longs for her mother and to go to school, however misfortune continues to find her. A fellow house servant suggests that she enters a scholarship contest to improve her chances of going to school and fulfilling her dreams. Finally her helper locates her in Ms. Tia. Ms. Tia is an associate of Adunni’s wicked employer. She helps Adunni with her scholarship application and encourages her. When you read what Adunni faces and what she has to go through, you will understand why she needs someone like Ms. Tia and will be grateful for her. I won’t give away the ending. I won’t even say that it’s a happy ending. What I will say is that it is thorough. You aren’t left wanting more. I found myself content and hopefully you will too. If you are looking for a new read, pick up this book. You won’t regret it.

Let Your Louding Voice Light Shine!

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