World of Coca-Cola

*cues music and sings along*

do do do do do always coca-cola yeah

If you are anything like me you know the exact jingle I’m referring to. Maybe that’s not your favorite one or you don’t remember. Do you have a favorite commercial? I have two. The one with Tyrese and the other one with the polar bear.

Coca-Cola Pieces from Different Times and Places

The World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta was a whole vibe. When I was in Atlanta I just had to visit. There is so much history here. It was fun and informative. Did you know that Coca-Cola started out as a cough syrup? It was medicine before it became the fizzy drink we have all grown to love.

Coca-Cola Vault

What I didn’t know was that the recipe for Coca-Cola is a secret. It’s a big deal y’all. It is locked up tight. Apparently, competitors had made several attempts to steal the formula and put Coca-Cola out of business. As a result, for over 125 years the recipe to Coca-Cola has been secured. For the 1st time in decades people can lay their eyes on the vault that holds the secret formula.

Scent Discovery

Coca-Cola is one among many drinks. When I say many, I mean MANY. However, each drink has a aromatic foundation. It is either sweet, fruity, or spicy. Scent discovery is an exhibit at the World of Coca-Cola where you get a chance to immerse yourself in the aromas. While there a coca-cola ambassador, will take you through various aromas, their characteristics, and the beloved drinks that we are accustomed. There are other exhibits, I didn’t discuss here. I don’t believe in giving everything away. If you are in the Atlanta area and are looking for something to do…have a coke and a smile.

Let Your World of Coca-Cola Light Shine!

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