Mind the Gap

Years ago my sisters and I took a trip to the UK and decided while we were there we would visit Paris. As we explored London and other areas via train we often heard a woman say “Mind the Gap” It took a few times before I realized what exactly the voice was referring to. There is a space between the platform and the train when you hop on and off. Basically they’re saying “be careful” of that space or that “gap” to prevent injury.

Back to present day I find myself minding my “gap” more than I would like to admit. In the traditional sense the space between my 2 from two front teeth. I’ve been considering closing it. When I shared this opinion with friends and family the reactions were really shocking. I had some yell, “You better not” and others say, “I love it” and then there were a few who cocked their head to the side in confusion and legit asked me, “Why?”

Each response had me questioning why I even considered braces to close my gap. To be completely transparent I like the way I look for the most part. However, everyone I know who had a gap either closed it or made it smaller. I know what your thinking, “well if everyone jumped off a bridge would you do it?” My response is honestly, it depends on why they’re jumping off the bridge.

Last week I found myself researching “Before and After” photos of post procedures, braces, and other options. Then there was a slight nudge. Something told me to research and look up people with gaps, stories of those who regretted closing it, and etc. The closest person I could find who had a gap similar to mine, was Slick Woods. Unapologetic! She has no problems smiling. I found tons of pics of her and her gap fully displayed.

I thought to myself I smile all the time. Again, for the most part I’m okay and love the way I look. Why change then? Guess it comes down to representation. I don’t like the feeling of being drastically different or the only one. I also struggle when someone mentions it. Maybe I have a false sense of security or confidence since everyone I know closed their gap. Did I miss something? Is it not okay to like yourself, love yourself, flaws and all? Is it even that deep?

Maybe deep down inside I do have a problem with my gap. Maybe deep down inside I wished I didn’t have one. That doesn’t track though. I’m an active pursuer in whatever I want. If I wanted to close it that badly, I probably already would’ve. I say all of this to say it’s okay to be undecided. No moves have to be made and even if I do decide to close it in the future, it’s a procedure that is reversible.

For now at least, y’all gonna get these smiles, gap and all.

Let Your Gap Light Shine!

2 thoughts on “Mind the Gap

  1. I love your gap teeth o, I’m considering getting one, as you mentioned it’s all about self and being confident! Thanks for sharing! Let the gap light shine!


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