Ghana Must Go

Man o Man this took way longer to finish than I expected

I’m not sure if it’s the pandemic or weather or just fatigue. Either way I’m glad I finally finished this book and I get to share it with you.

1st things 1st

I know you are not supposed to judge a book by its cover but the tile got me. As a Nigerian-American, I am very familiar with the Ghana Must Go history along with the bag. Ghana Must Go was a slogan of sorts given to the mass exodus of illegal Ghanaian immigrants in Nigeria. An executive order was issued by then President of Nigeria Shehu Shagari, that basically said all immigrants without6 proper documents must leave the country or be arrested. As those illegal immigrants left they packed most of their belongings in a large nylon zipped tote bag. That bag has since been referred to as “Ghana Must Go”

Now back to the book…


This book has some sexual inappropriate moments involving minors. Please keep that in mind if you choose to read it.

The story is about the Sai family. The mother Folasade, the father, Kweku and their four children. Folasade wanted to be a lawyer but decided to focus on raising her children instead. Kweku is a surgeon at a hospital. Folasade staying home makes sense and is totally doable. Well, Kweku loses his job due to racism, social injustice, xenophobia, and etc. He then shortly after leaves his family and returns to Ghana. Folasade attempts to cope the best that she can but she ends up dividing the children among relatives.

Years later as the kids have grown, they learn of their dad’s death. They all return home. With that long journey to Accra, Ghana comes reflection, confrontation, acceptance, insight, and healing.

Photo Credit: Rachelle Lee

I think it’s worth the read. It’s an engaging read….meaning you can’t check out. You will miss something and have to re-read. There were a few moments I was lost in the story and not in a good way. This doesn’t take away from the plot or story line at all.

I give it 2 snaps and a pivot.

Let Your Ghana Must Go Light Shine!

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