Cool People. Dope Books. Great Coffee.

There are many things I’ve missed since the pandemic started. I can’t even begin to go through it all. Honestly, I’d rather not.

Recently I visited an old fave of mine. Uncle Bobbie’s coffee and book store. *deep heavy sigh*




Photo Credit: Uncle Bobbie’s

As soon as I walked up on it, everything came back. I would go here for all of my 1st dates, work on the blog, complete student docs, and get a dose of black excellence. I didn’t realize how much I did here until I couldn’t do it anymore.

There was a season where I was online dating. Meeting guys you don’t personally know can be a bit nerve wrecking or even scary. Dinner and/or movie was just too much of a 1st encounter for me. I would always ask if I could pick the place. The answer was always yes. Then I would say I know this cool place Uncle Bobbie’s let’s meet there. We would sit and chat while I observed. Mostly, they offered to pay for a drink and we would split a slice of sweet potato pie. I had it all figured out. If the convo ever dragged or of things got awkward, I would talk about the place itself. This place is black owned and the owner is cool….blah blah blah I knew right away if we couldn’t get through this or if the vibes were off chances are we’re not a good fit and that’s ok.

This blog that your reading now…mad hours in Uncle Bobbie’s drinking coffee trying to figure it out. Almost every chat and tech help support convo happened in Uncle Bobbie’s. When I got discouraged or confused or felt like I would never launch, I just looked around.

I have a personal rule not to take work home. Work is done at work and NOT at home. Ms. Corona clearly had other plans. Pre-pandemic of the building was closing and I head deadline, I would head to Uncle Bobbie’s. I would stay and worked there till it closed. Tired, hungry, and stressed the place was there for me. Between the coffee, brownie, and random barista singing their heart out to classic R&B songs, I had what I needed. Lowkey I wanted to sing too but I had work to do.

Lastly, the black excellence that comes through there is UNDEFEATED! And that’s on what?! Mary had….

Photo Credit: Uncle Bobbie’s

Step in with me. Let me describe what’s happening. To the right you hear black men discussing how they can run a program for the community. They’re trying to collaborate and use their resources. As strangers in ear shot get their coffee and snacks they encourage those same men on the way out. “I heard the convo and just want to wish it well, good luck.” To the left are brown skin girls studying. Any given day it can be NCLEX, GRE, MCATS, LSAT, etc. “Girl, you got this!” The door opens and it’s a family including the little ones. “Can I have this mommy? Please!”They are instructed to pick one. Your curious about which book they will end up with. Behind you are steps that lead to books, sweatshirts, and mugs. The images and titles remind you of all the good and some of the bad of what it means to be black. Kind of overwhelmed, but filled with hope, you instantly know it’s not just the books that are dope.

Let Your Uncle Bobbie’s Light Shine!

One thought on “Cool People. Dope Books. Great Coffee.

  1. Thank you for putting into words that which has been truly missing from my life: the Uncle Bobbie’s experience. I felt every word here and it just brought be back home. I often call Uncle Bobbie’s my second home and boy oh boy do I miss being there.

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