You Smell Good

I’m not sure when it started but for months I have been on the hunt for a signature scent. I had no idea what I wanted to smell like. I just knew I wanted to smell good for hours. I wanted my scent to have such an impact people. I want people to ask me about it or compliment me.

I didn’t know anything about notes, sillage, pyramid, toilette, or parfum. Chances you may be unaware as well. I will give you a brief summary. Notes are the ingredients that make up the scent. Sillage is the degree to which the scent lingers in the air when worn. Pyramid describes the process of the scent. Stay with me here. Upon 1st sniff you are getting the top notes. About 10 minutes in you will start to smell the middle (also known as heart) notes. This is where the character and the intensity of a scent shows up. What is most important to me, are the base notes. This is often referred to as the dry down. This is what you are left with and will project for hours depending. Continuing on with the summary, lastly I want to give you the gist on toilette and parfum. Toilette is simply a scent with more water and alcohol and less perfume oil. A parfum is a more intense scent as it has less water and alcohol and more perfume oil.

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Now, as a result of my foolishness I ended up with several scents I had to give away. About 1/2 way through my journey I discovered dossier and ALT fragrances. I highly suggest you start here. ALT has sample sized of dupe fragrances. Dossier has full size dupes of fragrances. Both will give you an idea of how the scent will perform on you. This is very important. You may like a scent, but hate the way it smells on you. Trust me I know. Save yourself the headache and some coins.

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Whatever scent you decide, here are some tips to help you make the most of it.

  • To get the most out of your scent, apply immediately after you shower. Your pores are the most open and it will help the scent last
  • Don’t spray scent on your clothes. It minimized the longevity of the scent.
  • Moisturize your skin. It will also help the scent last longer
  • Do not rub your wrists together after you apply your scent. It breaks down the scent and you won’t get the full experience.
  • Apply the scent to the warm areas of your body. These are areas where you can see your veins. Places such as wrist, inner elbow, ankles, behind the knee, and etc.
  • Do not overspray. It won’t make the scent last longer. Carry a trial or mini version and reapply as needed.
  • Layer your scents. Sometimes what you will need will require some variety.

As a sit here typing this out…I have to confess that I haven’t found that one scent that will be my signature. I have found a few that I really love and will keep in rotation. I’m okay with that.

Let Your Signature Scent Light Shine!

4 thoughts on “You Smell Good

  1. Smelling good is so important … I think it’s the best compliment ever!! Thanks for the tips I always over spraying lol


  2. This was so well written and I agree with every single thing that you said. I love scents too but I didn’t know this much information about scents. I like that you broke that down so thank you.


  3. Okay I’m glad you’ve told me all the scent jargon. I know my signature scent style. I love to smell edible, like a dessert lol. I don’t think I’ve found my signature scent either though.


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