Safe & Sound

The weather is getting warmer and Spring is right around the corner. We’ve been doing this pandemic life for over a year now and I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for a change. As restaurants and places open back up, I’m excited to be out in the sun and having fun. With this excitement comes some caution. I can’t help but take into account the rise in crime and illegal activities. I don’t think warm weather will slow any of these things down. I’m committed to having fun safely and want you to do so as well. Here are few apps I’ve stumbled upon to help us Spring right into some safety.


Never Walk Alone… this app was birthed out of a tragedy. A father who wanted to develop an app that could possibly prevent rape and/or help when it has already occurred. Once the SOS Button is activated via touch or voice, live streaming and recording takes place. It sends an alert to your guardians or members of your security network with your location. Keep in mind all of the features listed on the site are not free. Cost depending on need ranges from $0.5/week to $20/year. If you know a young man or woman who lives alone or travels alone often, consider gifting bSafe to them.

  • SOS Button – Activated by touch or voice. Recording is automatic and guardians get an alarm with location
  • Your Guardians – Personal security network
  • Follow Me – Guardians can walk with you via GPS and track movement until you arrive safely
  • Fake Call – Get phone to call you
  • I’m Here – Check in with security network
  • Timer Alarm – Set a limit to check in and if that doesn’t happen, app will alert security network
  • Siren – Enable and Disable with one touch to create an alarm that will cause attackers to reconsider

life 360

Think of this app as a GPS tracker for your family. Once you download the app create your private, invite only, family circle. Providing location, driving, and digital safety Life360 is def an app to consider. What I love about this app is that you can send and receive real time alerts when members of your circle arrive and leave certain places. In addition there is also an alert that can let your circle know you are ok. There are 3 plans ranging from $4.17/mo to $16.67/mo, billed annually of course. This seems a bit on the pricier side, however if you have a family, you may find it worthwhile. At the very least consider it.

Kitestring (NOT an app)

This is not an app, but deserves an honorable mention. I like this because it does not require a smartphone and is managed through text only. When you go out either alone or with someone you are unsure of, give Kitestring a notice. They will reach out to check on you via text. If you don’t respond they will notify your emergency contacts. For 3 check ins a month and 1 contact it is $FREE.99….unlimited trips and emergency contacts will cost $3/mo


This app right here is for all of my single and searching folks. If you know you are going to begin online dating or you are currently online dating this app is for you. It is associated with Tinder if that means anything to you. It didn’t to me to be honest. Here is how Noonlight works… If you are feeling unsafe, open the app, and hold th button. Once safe release the button and enter your 4 digit pin. If you are in danger release the button and do NOT enter your pin. Police will be notified immediately with your location and that there is an emergency. For $10/mo you can add crash response, alexa, google services, and sync IFTTT. For $5/mo you can sync your apple watch, Uber and Lyft accounts. The $FREE.99 (IOS ONLY) features include:

  • Timeline – Add notes when you meet someone new that will be relevant to law enforcement, should an emergency arise
  • Safety Network – Add friends who can request a check in, when you don’t respond they can send police if you’re in danger
  • Advanced Profile – Shares vital information with first responders (photos, age, medical conditions) for immediate assistance.

If you’ve made it here, you’ve gotten a brief summary of each app and how it is used. This is not by any means an extensive list, but I hope it will get you thinking about your wellbeing a little more.

Let Your Safety App Light Shine!

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