Body Ody Ody Ody Ody Ody

The most common resolution that people set each year is to lose weight, get fit, and/or adapt a healthy lifestyle. One month into 2021 and I’m wondering how everyone is doing. Maybe I should just wonder and worry about myself. I am determined to do things differently this year. My main focuses are consistency and discipline.

I want to exercise at least 3 times a week and incorporate more fruit and veggies into my diet. How am I doing this? Well, I’m glad you asked.

Club Pilates studio front illustration
Photo Credit: Club Pilates
Club Pilates workout machine illustration
Photo Credit: Club Pilates

I’ve started working out again and joined Club Pilates. It is a little awkward using the equipment but the classes are small and intimate. You really get the help and attention you need. I love how they take everything into consideration. They ask about modifications, injuries, comfort, and etc. It is very much tailored to you. In addition, everyone is so nice and friendly. Since I’m new to Pilates, I’m taking it slow. I plan to do 1 class a week for now, then 2 classes a week, next 3 classes a week, and finally I want to work my way up to 4+ classes a week. Membership is NOT cheap. Unlimited classes will cost about $200.00 a month and single classes range from the $25-$45.

Photo Credit: 1st Phorm

I have a “meal replacement drink” every weekday. It is instant coffee, fiber powder, and a healthy scoop of protein powder by 1st Phorm. It is an acquired taste but honestly it’s not bad. It’s not chalky either. I usually have a morning coffee daily so adding a scoop of 1st Phorm didn’t change much. It only enhances it. Each one costs me about $49.99. I often would skip breakfast just out of habit and lack of time. Now I can have breakfast and it isn’t a time consuming process.

Photo Credit: iTrackBites
Photo Credit: iTrackBites

Lastly, I have some accountability. I use the app “iTrackBites” as a food journal and way to manage my eating. Simply it’s a generic form of the formerly known Weight Watchers. They have all the plans, the community, and similar resources in their database. I caught a deal when they had a special and paid about $17.99 for the year.

I’m so determined this year to make a sincere life change. I’m investing time, energy, and coin. Now for those who may not be able to splurge there are generic and cost effective versions of each. YouTube has tons of free Pilates at home videos. These are typically mat Pilates, but you will still get results with consistency. As far as meal replacement powders, any local drug store and market will have some. Lastly, a food journal can be kept on paper or electronically.

I’m determined to take great care of my health this year. Although I’ve only focused on my physical health above, I’m def working on all aspects. I’ve made moves to improve my mental, emotional, and spiritual health. It is all a process and journey. I encourage you to be flexible with it all. What works for me may not work for you. Also know that what worked last year may not work this month, or even next week. Do the best you can and be consistent. You will surely see results.

Let Your Good Health Light Shine!

One thought on “Body Ody Ody Ody Ody Ody

  1. Enjoying reading and thank you for sharing! In reference to trackbites, how do I track my Eba, Iyan, Amala with efo 😳🤣. It’s always pleasure and enjoyable reading the blog! Keep the light shinning!

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