Black Girl Sunscreen

Philadelphia has been experiencing a heat wave these past few weeks. It has been hot Hot HOT! Most days I stay indoors, but essential runs happen. As much as I would love for everything to be delivered sometimes I have to go out. Going out, now means wearing sunscreen. I’m now at the age where I realize how important sunscreen is and how I should wear it everyday. I was more than thrilled when I stumbled upon Black Girl Sunscreen randomly one day.

Once Upon a Time, long long ago, in a land full of my ignorance, I really believed black people did not need sunscreen. I would always say boldly, “Black don’t crack and I’ve never gotten sunburned so…” Well Sunshine, I know better now. Neither race nor skin tone can stop the sun from causing harm to your skin. Now those with brown or deep skin do have more melanin. The good thing about melanin is it naturally protects against harmful sun rays. However, it is minimal protection and not enough. According to Dr. Jenna Lester, “It’s yet to be seen whether sunscreen is as essential in preventing cancers that are traditionally caused by sunlight for darker skin tones, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not an important part of someone’s overall regimen to improve or maintain their skin health.”Look at it like this…you want your skin to be healthy. That’s the point!

Where did this myth come from? Why do black people think they are immune to the sun? Like the sun, Sun?! How did we get here? I personally think it is because few skin care doctors of color exist. There are about 3% of black dermatologists. Media plays a role as well. Rarely if ever do you see a sunscreen commercial, ad, or billboard featuring people of color with rich deep skin tones.

I’m Nigerian-American and have spent up to 4 weeks in the African sun without sunscreen and did not get burned or a tan. I do tend to tan when I travel to the Caribbean islands for vacation and as a result, I do pack and use sunscreen. Know this Sunshine, although we may make a distinction, the sun does not. It is equal opportunity when it comes to its rays. Skin cancer, sun burn, hyper-pigmentation, and damage can occur to your skin by the sun.

Black Girl Sunscreen is made by us for us in mind. When I say us, I mean black folk. Did you even doubt it when they say things like “We plan on sprinkling this Melanin Magic everywhere”. This sunscreen does not have any white residue, fragrance, parabens, oxybenzone, or octinoxate. It is so So SO…. GOOD!


  • Natural
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty Free
  • Reef Safe
  • Recyclable

There are a few selling points for me here, when it comes to this sunscreen. However, ultimately, I just want us to be the best healthy versions of ourselves….skin included.

Let Your Black Girl Sunscreen Light Shine!

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