Skinny Girl in Transit S6E12 – Season Finale

Tiwa visits Mide at the office to let him know that she has quit her job.

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Tiwa and Mide discuss Tiwa quitting her job and the implications. Tiwa explains that she struggled initially with the change, but realizes she needs to be by her husbands side. We see them next celebrating as Tiwa is expecting. Mide begins to plead with her to make changes. Tiwa disagrees, she just wants to be herself. A few months have gone by and a very pregnant Tiwa is in her office. Enters Mide challenging his wife on their agreement for her to work less hours. Tiwa explains she is bored staying at home and “pregnancy is not a disease”. As they discuss his travel plans, her water breaks and Mide begins to panic. He calls downstairs and they leave for the hospital.

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Shalewa is at the ATM when a ma n comes in and slaps a woman. She attempts to intervene so that the man will calm down. The man doesn’t listen and begins to shout even more. As others discuss the incident Shalewa is speechless. We see her next at Kwame’s house confronting him for all of his wrongdoings in their relationship. She tells him boldly that the relationship is over and warns him severely NEVER to put his hands on a woman again. At home she calls her friend Tito to gist small. Tito sends her a photo and it is of the woman Mohammed cheated on her with as a bride. Relieved she lets her know that the groom is not Mohammed. At work she accidentally spills her drink on a coworker. As she begins to help, she realizes it’s Mohammed. He assures her that it’s fine as she apologizes repeatedly. They exchange smiles and pleasant greetings.

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Didi and Editi come home and his children welcome them. They greet and explain that they are having a scavenger hunt. They want their dad and Aunty Didi to participate. They agree and are given the 1st clue while the children run off. One clue leads to another and another, which leads them to the bedroom. Didi finds something and inside is a box with a ring. The children enter the room and get down on their knees asking, “Will you marry our daddy?” Didi turns around and sees Editi on his knees, and he asks, “Will you?” Didi replies, “Yes, Yes!” He embraces her and the children join in for a group hug.

Well Sunshine, all good things must come to an end. Overall I enjoyed this season. I don’t think there will be another one. I also don’t think this season should’ve happened. Ideally Season 5 would’ve ended and then we got a movie to show the wedding. I felt like the wedding show was so rushed. It really could’ve been more. As far as my final thoughts, I have mixed feelings. I’m glad Tiwa came around and realized it’s best for her and her husband to be a team. I’m also happy she became pregnant again and is getting ready to give birth. I also appreciate Didi finding love. She really matured and I am all here for it. What seemed a bit underwhelming for me was Shalewa’s story line. There is a part of me that understands that Mohammed made a mistake and is apologetic. There is another part of me that is concerned because I struggle with his capacity and/or willingness to do the needful. Is he going to fight for Shalewa and put her 1st? Will they just become good friends? That question wasn’t answered. The best part to me of Shalewa’s story is when she let Kwame have it. She stood up for herself and it was the Shalewa we’ve been waiting to see. I’m not sure what the future holds for this cast or the series. Let it be know…. I will forever be a Skinny Girl in Transit fan.

Let Your Skinny Girl in Transit Light Shine!

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