Skinny Girl in Transit S6E11 – “Greater Good”

We see Shalewa crying outside on the phone and Kwame apologizing. As he begs and pleads for her to stay she enters a car and leaves crying.

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Mide and Tiwa return from an evening out. As Tiwa begins to initiate an intimate evening with her husband, Mide receives a phone call which puts her evening plans on hold. We see them next in his home office. She asks him if everything is okay because he has not been sleeping . Mide explains that work has been hard and he is finding it difficult to cope. Tiwa continues to encourage her husband that he is not alone that she is there for support. As she kisses him to initiate sex, he doesn’t reciprocate. Curiously she looks at him and Mide says he has to work. She reminds him that she is ovulating and Mide agrees as it is his “duty”. She expresses that every time they make love she wants it to mean something. Tiwa declines his advances and defeated she walks away.

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Shalewa gets a knock at the door. When she opens it, it’s Kwame. She hisses and attempts to the slam the door shut, but he stops it. He begins to plead and beg. He explains that he will not put his hands on her again. Shalewa responds letting him know that she is not willing to be one of those girls who hides their bruises. Kwame insists that he is sorry and that he will do all that he can to prove to her he means well. He gently kisses her hand and says, “I love you.” She closes the door. Next we see her discussing with her friend Tito over food and drinks. Claiming her sis Tiwa needs advice for a show, Shalewa asks her friend questions. One of them being if she would stay if a guy hit her. Tito says that she used to think she would leave, but now she feels she would be more understanding if he was truly sorry, she loves him, and if it was accidental. She confronts Kwame afterwards and lets him know that if he hits her again she is done. They kiss and makeup.

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Didi meets Editi kids and they ask her all types of questions. Toward the end of their Q & A they ask her, “Are you dating my dad?” As she struggles to answer, Editi enters and sends them to shower so they can get ready for bed. They both hug her goodnight and exit. Editi now asks Didi if they are dating. Didi replies with a kiss and poses the same question to him. Next we see them enjoying a night swim and kissing each other.

Sunshine, I am not here for Shalewa secretly accepting abuse and rationalizing it because she refuses to speak out. I am all around confused. I mean I don’t know what to say. I’m also confused with Tiwa and concerned for her marriage. It seems to be taking a few hits. Although, no marriage is perfect, Mide has always been the more affectionate one. Now that he is willing to put work before intimacy with his wife, to me is alarming. It’s tough too, because all she has done is blamed and pushed him away and behaved in such a selfish and unloving way. Thankfully we have Editi and Didi. I need someone in this show to have some type of healthy, loving relationship. The next episode is the season finale and I am so not ready for it all to end. Hopefully it is done well and we are satisfied. Until then….

Let Your Skinny Girl in Transit Light Shine!

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