Skinny Girl in Transit S6E10 – “It’s Complicated”

Mide is seen talking to his sister on the phone about his frustration with sponsorship. Shortly after, Tiwa walks in and informs him that her mother has been scammed.

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Tiwa explains to Mide that her mother has been scammed and she lost 2 million naira. A woman named Princess successfully tricked her mother into believing that she could be a gold supplier. In addition, she shares that she has been nominated for the OAP award. She is congratulated by her husband. Mide has news of his own. They have lost a major sponsor due to the fact they weren’t willing to change the direction of a show. Confused, Tiwa questions whether or not they knew of the show before they signed on as a sponsor. To make matters worse the sponsors now took their business to a rival company. The owner of which had a one night stand with Tiwa before she met Mide. Now she is struggling to find joy in good news when both her mother and her husband are dealing with issues that are impacting their happiness. We see Tiwa next with her mother speaking to NPF to report the scammer. Unfortunately, her mother isn’t able to provide many details. The officer lets them know it will be difficult to make an arrest, but they will try. Later as she gets ready for an outing, Mide asks her to work at the tv station as a result of the struggles they are currently facing. Reluctantly, she declines as her workload is already unmanageable.

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Shalewa is at home when her guest Kwame comes to visit with flowers. Before she comes down he is met by her mother. As her mother begins to question him, she enters. Kwame apologizes to her and offers the flowers as a sign of remorse. Shalewa pleads her case that he overreacted and was too aggressive both physically and verbally. Next, Shalewa is shown at Kwame’s place. Kwame is teaching her a dance step and they are drinking wine. He gets a phone call and answers it. Shalewa stumbles and breaks the glass. Tipsy she giggles. Kwame responds and slaps her. Shocked, she holds her face.

Photo is Property of NdaniTV

Didi is on air with a celebrity. As she begins to interview her, a question comes up about her love life. Didi asks her if she is seeing anyone. She explains that she is single. Didi is in disbelief that a movie star also struggles to find love. The actress attributes her singleness to the fact that she has 2 kids. She finds it difficult to date men that do not approve of her children or are not willing to give them a chance. As a result, Didi feels convicted and reaches out to Editi. We see them next discussing and she acknowledges that she was close minded towards their relationship because he is a father. She asks him for a chance and he responds by asking about her work.

This episode seemed to just be full of bad decisions all around. I don’t understand how Tiwa is not willing to help her husband and his company which is also the family business. I don’t know why Shalewa is so forgiving and trusting with a man she barely knows. Lastly, Didi accepts accountability and admits her faults. Editi practically dismisses her. Some man can be so arrogant. She made a mistake, no one is perfect. I was all for a new depth in this show, a fresh perspective if you will. However, the direction is proving negative and pretty sobering by illustrating the harsh realities of life. Maybe it’s me but Sunshine I want the happy ending and the romance and the butterflies. I’m not hear for all of this. Looking forward to the next episode. Until then….

Let Your Skinny Girl in Transit Light Shine!

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