Skinny Girl in Transit S6E9 – “Exhibition”

Didi and Tiwa are shown talking about Editi. Didi is explaining how she is no longer interested in him because he has children.

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Shalewa is shown at work discussing with a coworker. Mohammad interrupts as he has a meeting scheduled with him. In an effort to be efficient he asks Shalewa to step in and inform Mohammed as needed. As they discuss Shalewa receives a call from Kwame. They talk briefly before she explains she has to get back to work. Distraught and upset Mohammed is speechless. Casually Shalewa tells him that she will send and email and that there is no need for them to see each other at all. We see her next visiting Kwame. He is stressing about his art exhibition. Shalewa both encourages and reassures him that all will be well. She agrees to be there early before the opening help and support. Unfortunately, her mother has her running errands for hours. Although Kwame calls, Shalewa’s mother will not allow her to text/talk on her phone while she drives. Her frustration increases as she tries to explain to her mother that she has plans and someone is waiting for her. Her mother is not concerned for her plans or her time. When Shalewa does arrive finally Kwame is very upset. Despite a few apologies and attempts to explain, Kwame dismisses her with aggression.

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Mide is frustrated as he discusses work with his colleague Mo. Sponsors are not in agreement with how things should be done. In an effort to find a solution he becomes angry. Mo explains that unless they honor the requests they will terminate the sponsorship.

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Tiwa visits her mother to share the good news that she has been nominated for an award. With the good news comes some bad. She informs her mother that the lady she wanted to do gold business with is a fraud. Tiwa learns from her mother that she has already given the fraudster a large sum of money. She encourages her mother to make another attempt and to reach her by calling. There is no answer.

It seems this season is focusing on Shalewa more and honestly I’m here for it. I feel for her though. It’s almost as if she cannot get a break, especially with men. Hopefully it brings her closer to her prince charming. Not much to say overall as much didn’t happen. These episodes are getting shorter and shorter. It leaves much to be desired. I’m not sure what’s happening but I hope this isn’t a trend that lasts.

Let Your Skinny Girl in Transit Light Shine!

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