Skinny Girl in Transit S6E8 – “Moving On”

Tiwa is on air giving the gist. She talks about how often people keep the bad to themselves and only share the good. We generally have no idea how someone may be struggling or what they are going through. She tells us that she is ready to share.

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Tiwa shows us both her strength and vulnerability while on air during her show. She tells us that she was pregnant and happy but lost the baby due to a miscarriage on her birthday. As she narrates the family involvement and suggestions for her pregnancy she also discusses how she experienced the opposite once she lost the baby. Tiwa lets us know that she struggled to cope due to her inability to articulate her feelings to others. As a result, she blamed herself for the miscarriage and felt others did too. Next we see Tiwa dolled up for bed. She lets Mide know that she is ready to be intimate with him again.

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Didi comes in to comfort her bestie Tiwa after she has shared her story on the radio. She expresses that is rare for someone to be so transparent and open about something such as a miscarriage. Didi confides in Tiwa that she also experienced miscarriage. Similarly she blamed herself and believes that her partner blamed her as well. In an attempt to forget about it and her past lover she didn’t share with anyone. We see her next leaving work where she is confronted by Editi. He was concerned for her well being as she has not been replying to his texts or answering his calls. Didi lets him know that she no longer wants to date him because he has children. She prefers that the attention of her man is not divided between her and kids.

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Shalewa is with her girl Tito catching up, having a drink, and letting her know that Kwame wants to see her. Tito is in disbelief initially. Shalewa explains that they’ve been out and it was nice. Tito is concerned that it may be too soon to take a guy serious and catch feelings. She feels that Shalewa should just have fun, go out often, and dance the night away. Shalewa insists that it is too early to say if she likes him or not. Despite this, she feels that seeing her ex everyday at work is bothersome. If a date with Kwame makes her feel nice, she deserves that and will continue to do what she feels is right. We see her next at Kwame’s house. She confesses to him that her past relationship taught her so much, but had too many problems, and she isn’t sure if love is enough. Kwame responds by expressing his interest in her. He encourages Shalewa that if she gives him a chance, she will forget and move on from her past.

I’m so happy for Tiwa and her new found voice. I struggle honestly with why she is so comfortable discussing with everyone BUT her husband. I believe it hurts Mide, but he seems to be very understanding. Real talk, Sunshine, Mide just makes me swoon. I mean seriously do guys like this exist?! Even this Kwame character…he doesn’t make me swoon but I like how intentional he is. Hopefully he doesn’t turn out to be useless. Speaking of turn outs, I’m disappointed in Didi. At her age, she really ghosted that man. For what?! A simple text saying that she prefers not to date someone with kids would’ve taken less than 2 minutes. Honestly, I don’t understand. It is trash behavior and immature. I’m all for people not being owed an explanation, fine I get that. However, feelings and time should be respected. Looking forward to the next episode.

Let Your Skinny Girl in Transit Light Shine!

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