My Sister the Serial Killer

I give this book 2 snaps and pivot.

I didn’t give it a twirl because I could put it down…I wasn’t soooo invested that I just had to find out what happened next. Nevertheless, Sunshine let me tell you about this book and how it had me in my feelings.

They say you can’t judge a book by its cover, and honestly you shouldn’t judge it by the title either. However, in this case you wouldn’t be wrong to if you took a guess and thought the title was a summary of the book.

The setting is Nigeria and the main characters are Korede and Ayoola who are sisters. Ayoola specifically may or may not be a serial killer (you decide for yourself) and her sister Korede helps her cover up the murders. According to Ayoola the 1st time she killed, it was her boyfriend and out of self defense. Korede believes her, however when she kills another boyfriend in self defense and another man dies when she goes away with him, Korede’s spidey sense starts tingling,

Korede starts to question what is really going on with her sister and these boyfriends. Ultimately she comes to the conclusion that her sister is a serial killer. She feels helpless because without proof to contradict the stories her sister tells, the obligation to protect her and care for her has such a tight grip. As a nurse she finds solace in confiding in a male patient who is in coma and isn’t visited much by his family. Unfortunately and fortunately, he wakes up and Korede can no longer hide in her own head with her thoughts. Someone can now confirm her theories of who her sister really is. Not only that, but now she is almost forced to act to try and save a man’s life.  When faced with the decision of choosing her sister or the truth, she chooses her sister. Family over everything it seems is her mantra moving forward. As disappointing as it is, there is a theme of peace. Korede has made a decision and accepted her fate, along with all the good and bad that comes with it.

Honestly I need this book turned into a movie ASAP! Here are my casting thoughts…

Sharon Ooja as Ayoola Kenneth Okoli as Dr. Tade

Funke Akindele-Bello as Korede Burna Boy as Father

All in all, I would recommend this book…. I can relate to the following statements…“You can’t sit on the fence forever.” AND “What led me to confide in a body that still had breath left in it?” Some people love to operate in the gray. Personally, I take a more black and white approach to life. The fence/gray, to me has always been a place for people who are unable/scared to make decisions. It’s frustrating! The second struck such a chord with me because I often regret confiding in people. It just reminded me so much of what it means to live and trust. Mostly because no one is perfect and we all make mistakes. It’s unavoidable. Yet, knowing this our desires for meaningful connection and intimacy don’t diminish. This book highlights our emotional needs and how they play out when not met with our own ideals. I can appreciate that.

Let Your Sister the Serial Killer Light Shine!

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