Skinny Girl in Transit S6E4 – “After the Blues”

May the soul of the departed rest in perfect peace. Tiwa lost the baby. She is shown with a doctor giving her details about a procedure that is about to begin. Her loving husband Mide is by her side.

Opening credits…

Property of Ndanitv

Tiwa struggles with the reality of the miscarriage. She isn’t eating or drinking and feels to do such will mask the pain she is feeling. Her mother and aunt are concerned and feel that Mide should try harder to encourage and care for her. Despite his best efforts, Tiwa continues to shut him out. We see her next in the bathroom blaming herself and displaying some harsh negative self talk. Sunshine…. come and see all manner of names she calls and pinches she gives herself. After two week, she tries to go to work to Mide’s shock. He can’t understand why she is behaving as if nothing happened. This leads to a difficult conversation of who blames who for the miscarriage. It was tough to watch. ‘Mostly, because there isn’t a response Mide could’ve given to appease her. In her frustration with Mide’s response or lack thereof she packs up and heads to her mother’s house. Knowing Nigerian mothers she is NOT met with open arms. In fact, her mother tells her to go back home to her matrimonial home. A request that Tiwa ignores as she walks to her room.

Property of Ndanitv

Mohammad returns from his trip away. He went to attend a family members wedding. Upon his entrance, he learns from Shalewa that Tiwa lost the baby. When he sees Tiwa, he says, “I’m really sorry about what happened” Can you imagine?! Rightfully so, Shalewa and Tiwa are annoyed by his words. Shortly after he goes on a rant about how he’s fed up because he can’t do anything right. Shalewa holds him telling him it’s fine and in her arms he confesses that he and Farida had sex. Although he pleads and expresses his love for Shalewa, it is not enough. She ends it and tells him to go home.

This episode pulled on my heartstrings in all types of ways. Between Mide struggling to support/love Tiwa through this time and Shalewa finally letting Mohammad go because of his infidelity; a lot was going on. Now as much as only Tiwa knows where the shoe pinches, I can’t lie I don’t think she knows what she needs or how to even begin her healing. I feel for Mide. He just wants to help and be there, yet doesn’t know how. Mohammad on the other hand gets no sympathy from me. This guy has been frustrating me since and honestly I am beyond over him. I get it he wanted to say something of substance when he saw Tiwa, but that wasn’t it. In addition, after all the struggles in your relationship, you go and sleep with Farida like an idiot. I’m glad she broke it off. Now there is room for someone of substance, a man of character. If we are lucky maybe a guy will snatch her up in the next episode and we won’t ever have to see Mohammad again. We just have to wait and see. Until then…

Let Your Skinny Girl in Transit Light Shine!

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