Skinny Girl in Transit – S6E3 “Birthday Gift”

*plays* Ratchet Happy Birthday by Drake

“We wish you many happy returns, long life, and prosperity.” Growing up that was the ultimate birthday wish. You heard it time and time again from everyone.

It is Tiwa’s birthday! Shalewa being the good sister that she is, plans a surprise party and seeks financial backing from her husband Mide.

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Shalewa and Didi are at the radio station discussing the surprise party and finalizing details. As they are gisting and laughing, in walks the birthday girl. The two of them attempt to change the topic so that Tiwa isn’t aware of their plans. As all three girls chat, we learn that Tiwa is still struggling to adjust to married life. Didi makes a comment that Tiwa has stood her up at least twice because of marriage commitments. Although, the words were harmless, Tiwa took them to heart. As much as she would love to hang out with her sister and friends, she is having a hard time balancing that with married life. She is not used to having to pass every decision by another person. Shalewa and Didi are surprised by what Tiwa has said and show empathy. Neither knew she was struggling with married life, or that there are times she’d rather be with friends and family.

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Tiwa is seen with hubby Mide as they enter what will be her birthday party. She is met with both friends and family as they all yell “Surprise!” As the event progresses we see her laughing and greeting all her well wishers. It’s not long before her bestie wants to raise a toast. Didi wants to share a drink so they can celebrate the birthday girl. Tiwa kindly tells her I’m not drinking. Now, Didi being Didi and trying to get the party started right quickly dismisses her friends comments. She questions her as to why she isn’t drinking her favorite wine on her bday. Tiwa covering her glass looks her friend in the eyes and says, “I’m not drinking”. Didi understands now that her bestie is pregnant. She cannot contain her excitement and joy. Before any more words are said Mide and Shalewa come out with the cake, singing Happy Birthday!

Sunshine, to be loved is such a good feeling. To have the support and affection of a spouse, friends, and family is a blessing. Most have one or maybe two. To have all three is what most of us aspire to, myself included. It really is the ghetto out here..ratata! I don’t like it. Lemme stay focused…lol! I’m really happy for Tiwa. Everything seems so perfect because she has all that she has ever wanted. Key word being “seems”. In true 9ja fashion, the writers/producers/whoever just couldn’t let it be. Of course, we can speculate, but we won’t know for sure what happened until they tell us. Hopefully it is in the next episode.

Let Your Skinny Girl in Transit Light Shine!

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