California Love

If I got to choose a coast I got to choose the East
I live out there, so don’t go there
But that don’t mean a ni##a can’t rest in the West
See some nice breast in the West
Smoke some nice sess in the West, y’all ni##as is a mess
Thinking I’m gon’ stop, giving LA props
All I got is beef with those that violate me
I shall annihilate thee
Case closed, suitcase filled with clothes
Linens and things, I begin things (Roger Troutman / Osten S Jr Harvey / Christopher Wallace)

Im a sucker for a cute fountain pic

Cali is a great place to visit!

I’m not sure what even prompted me to do it. I can’t say I’m the most patriotic or political. However, I visited the Richard NIxon Library Museum and I had a really good time. It was a lot of fun. I had to get into my Olivia Pope bag as they have replica of the oval office that is not only the exact size, but it is decorated the same way it was when Nixon was in office.

I won’t get into the issues of his presidency, mostly because my president is black. His name is Barack Obama and that who I will ALWAYS dress as Mr. President, regardless of who currently sits in office.

I didn’t care for several parts of the museum, so I won’t really discuss them. The house he grew up in is also an exhibit and you can tour it. The appeal lies in the original decor and furniture present from his childhood. I have to be honest I feel that it will be hit or miss for many. Personally, it was def a miss. The highlights for me were the Apollo exhibit, presidential helicopter, and the rose garden. If you are in the area check it out.

Finding this lil secret treat was nice. I won’t spoil it for you in case you decide to go.

The Apollo exhibit had a dope VR experience. I’m such a nerd I put that mask/goggles on with the quickness. Now, it def isn’t the same as actually walking on the moon, but it is good enough. I loved it!

This is the presidential helicopter. It was used by not only Nixon, but Kennedy, Johnson, and Ford. You can go in it, but you can’t sit or take pictures.

The helicopter was interesting, I don’t consider myself a history guru or fanatic at all. However, I learned that is was either called Army One or Marine One depending on who flew it. Presidents Kennedy, Johnson, Ford, and Nixon used it while in office. In fact, when Nixon resigned, he rode this to Air Force One, which then took him to his private home in…wait for it…CALI!

Beautiful Rose Garden

I don’t know if you remember that song Aretha Franklin did years ago and it had Elise Neal and Q-Tip in the video? “A Rose is Still A Rose” and it had Lauryn Hill on the track. I love Love LOVE that song! Well sunshine, let me tell you, I sure did play it as I strolled through this garden…ON REPEAT!

Let Your Richard Nixon Library Museum Light Shine!

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