Children of Blood & Bone

In honor of the release of Children of Virtue and Vengeance, the 2nd book in this Afro-futurism trilogy I thought a review of the 1st in this series is necessary.

I give this book 2 snaps and a twirl.

Let me start by saying this…As a a Nigerian born American I feel that I am somewhat biased because so much of the book was familiar. Nevertheless, people from different cultures and backgrounds will enjoy this book.

Introducing Zélie a young lady who is more or less the “chosen one” to bring magic back to their land. A king basically wiped it out years prior by murdering all of the members of the Maji clan including Zelie’s mother. For reasons that one can only assume are rooted in insecurity and fear.

As she begins her journey and fight for freedom she is joined by the King’s daughter. Now she has to decide whether she will help or hurt the princess, as her father is the one who is responsible for the death of her mother. With time Zélie realizes they may have more in common than she realizes. That’s the drama for you. Now here is the romance…there is a love interest. I prefer not to speak on this because I can’t say anything that I really want without giving too much away.

And then it happens…the grand finale! It is Zélie’s moment, she has all she needs and is ready. Unfortunately, she is ambushed and all manner of things happen. Not going to spoil it for you, but none of it is predictable.

I have to say that it is written so well, it’s easy to find yourself deeply engulfed in words on the pages. You start to ask yourself which clan you would belong to ? How would you go about fighting for the freedom of magic and the ability for people to live freely? If that is you and you are curious about your Maji Clan? Take the quiz here.

Let Your Blood & Bone Light Shine!

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