See You in St. Lucia

A vacation is NOT a vacation unless there is a beach. This trip was to St. Lucia and I have to say I had a pretty good time. We had a connecting flight via Charlotte going and Miami returning. Honestly, I prefer direct flights, but it just wasn’t an option. The airports in St Lucia are small. I’ve never disembarked or boarded via steps before. It was an interesting experience. All I could think was this must be how the Obamas feel as I hummed “Hail to the Chief” in my head. We opted for Janus airport shuttle to the Royalton. It was $75.00 one way. Once out the driver had a sign with my name, took our bags, and offered us water. He was nice and pointed out things along the way. He even stopped at a lookout scenic route so we cold get pics.

*cues music*

We play all day, party all night live it up yeah, this is the life, holiday pleasure nothing better, it’s all for you get the Royalton Life. This song will forever be in my head. If you ever stayed with them you will know why.

The Royalton is about 90 minutes from UVF. Once you arrive the service is pretty good. From the concierge to the bell boy, they do their job. However, if you are used to super friendly carribean people and jolly jolly; you are not going to get that. They greet good morning and good night, but that is about it. You check in and the room key is an arm bracelet made out of thick string and a circular disk a little larger than a quarter. If you are one of those people who misplaces a key card you will love this. You can swim, eat, and etc. with it. It is so convenient. We stayed in the Luxury Junior Suite Swim Out and it was nice. The tub was ok but honestly, I found it to be more of a hassle than actually relaxing. You have access to all the restaurants except the seafood unless you are staying in the hideaway. We didn’t know this otherwise we would’ve chosen it and they are strict. Be prepared to drop your name and room number for everything. I found this to be annoying, but I guess rules are rules. The beach is SMEDIUM and the water is not as clear as you would expect. Don’t even waste your time. Make plans to go to pigeon island it is bout a 5 minute drive away and will cost you $30.00 roundtrip. Pool time was dope with swim up bars and activities you can watch happening on the beach. If you are particular about where you want to sit or getting one of the free Cabanas on the beach by all means wake up early and clip a towel, and drop a book. Otherwise it really isn’t necessary. Now on to the food! If your like me you keep all manner and forms of Pepto Bismul because the stomach is not here for it. The food was so good and I didn’t even have so much as indigestion. For that alone I’m thinking of making Royalton my fave, but we shall see.

Getting away from the Resort and exploring the island was a little tougher than I thought it was going to be. You can’t just walk down the road. Taking a taxi from the resort was also a bit annoying too. Everything was $15 going and $15 coming. Whether it was a 5 min ride, 10 minute ride, or 30 minute ride. How Sway?! How?! If you are not shy talk to people and try to get a group going. I can’t promise, but it may cut costs significantly. Nevertheless, I recommend the Friday night street party, hiking pigeon island, and at least one excursion where you get to see the Pitons. Everybody and their mama tried to sell me the clay mud bath but I’m not a fan of rubbing dirt on my body regardless of how “fancy” it is.

Soveniers… I found the Royalton gift shop to be underwhelming. Vendors on the beach were overpriced. Luckily the airport flying out had tons of stuff. Save your coins and get your magnets, books, keychains, and etc at the airport. We made out really well there and honestly I would’ve preferred to give my money to them instead of the resort.

All in all it was a good trip.

Let Your Lucian Light Shine!

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